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What are the common problems and solutions of servo injection molding machine?

Mar 04, 2020

1. Servo injection machine leaking from oil. This is the most common. Better to decide. Changing the print can in principle be done. If in doubt, usually there is a castle somewhere.

2. Linking means that as soon as one action is entered, the machine will perform another action after the action is completed, or when you close the security door, either the template moves or the shooting step moves. The problem is usually in the circuit. Problems, carefully check the circuit, and there is a mechanical problem that can cause such problems, that is, the solenoid valve is worn or damaged, check the solenoid valve that moves together, clean or replace it. Try. The problem I ran into was mainly a circuit problem.

3. When the form is open, the form is open to the end, and the form is closed to the end, or the form is unlocked abnormally. Typically, a proportional pressure valve is mobilized. There is a small hole in the proportional pressure valve on the engine, and the proportional flow valve can be adjusted. Enter the advanced settings page. On the proportional pressure flow test page, try one to see the deviation. Manually Go back and try again after adjustment, mostly done.

4. The parameters of the servo injection machine are disordered, or the parameters of the machine become equal to 0. This is usually the day off of the machine. After a long time, the electronic battery of the recorded data discharges, or other interference leads to a violation of the parameters. To do this, you can refer to the corresponding machine model, enter additional settings, refer to other machines, and then copy the settings for settings, from advanced settings to lower level settings in this direction. It is not possible to first set the process parameters and then set additional machine parameters that will not work. If this does not work, disassemble the back of the monitor. The board has a battery. Replace the battery or remove and insert it. Some batteries may be located on the computer board inside the case, but most of them are located behind the monitor.

5. The sol does not move, and the screw is weak. In this case, as a rule, there is a problem with the input and output of the electrical appliance, or the five-star engine in the rear is worn or damaged, but this is relatively rare. First check the input and output. If there is no problem, check for mechanical problems. Disassemble the five-star motor at the back and see what happens inside. You can also fix the problems.

6. Grease cannot be used. If so, see if there was a blurry or local integer. If it is local, use an air gun to pass through the grease pipe. Maybe something is plugged inside, if it is common. If oil does not leak, check the oil pump on the oil cap. If the oil pump is operating properly, replace the screens below. Mostly done

7. The hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the servo injection machine turns yellow. This is water. Perhaps the cooler is broken. Open the two covers on the front and back of the cooler and spray the holes with a pneumatic gun to see if the water on the other side is yellow. Oil and water are mixed, you can determine if the cooler is broken.

8, the motor oil pump abnormal noise, it is usually the wear of the oil pump, such a machine, replace the oil pump as soon as possible, do not wait until a serious problem before changing. There is another problem that can cause such an abnormal noise of the oil pump, that is, the sieve in the mailbox is too dirty, so the oil pump cannot pump oil, which leads to a malfunction of the oil pump. So check out this question. The price of the filter and the oil pump are very different. It is recommended that the oil be changed over a period of time so that the life of the machine is relatively long. If it is a suitable model, it is best to use a wear-resistant and ash-free hydraulic oil. The number 68 or a number will be chosen by everyone.

9. The servo injection machine has an input signal, but there is no action or abnormal action. As a rule, the solenoid valve is stuck or the solenoid valve is defective. Remove the coils at both ends of the solenoid valve, remove the inside and manually press on the valve core to release the valve core. If the valve core avoids friction with the valve, you can use a small stick to cover it with sandpaper. In general, this can be solved. If this cannot be resolved, then carefully check the input and output to make sure there are no problems in the circuit. After which the replacement of the solenoid valve is basically resolved.

10. The position of the servo injection machine is incorrect. The error of clamping and opening the mold or the error of the filming table, as a rule, is the problem of the electronic ruler. Check or reset it to zero and install it. If that doesn't work, just cheat