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Waste heat recovery treatment of energy saving scheme of vertical injection molding machine

Mar 07, 2020

On our planet, the amount of heat that smoke takes away every day, and environmental pollution are surprising. In the industry of vertical injection molding machines, the question of how to save energy, reduce emissions, improve working conditions and lower temperatures in the vertical injection molding workshop is an issue that deserves attention. Heat recovery from a vertical injection molding machine is an important aspect of energy-saving work. If all the heat of the flue gas is recovered, its economic benefits will be very significant.

1. Energy-saving solution for vertical injection molding machine

Existing vertical injection molding systems are equipped with dryers for draining and drying plastics. It uses electric heating to provide a heat source. The air leaving the outlet of the heat-insulating drying bucket carries a certain amount of heat. If this heat is diverted directly to the workshop, on the one hand, it will increase the dust content in the workshop air, which will affect the health of workers, on the other hand, it will increase energy consumption and increase the economic burden on the enterprise.

In the event of a lack of prior art, a heat recovery heat cycle device for a vertical injection molding machine is provided. The waste heat collecting device is installed around the heating part of the melting drum, and the plastic in the drying drum is used due to the heat generated during operation. Dry and drain.

Hot air with a certain amount of water and dust exits the vertical injection molding machine and enters a filtering device for drying and removing dust with the circulation of hot air for processing through the pipeline. Part of the hot air is supplied by a fan that regulates the heat source to supply power to the hot air in a vertical injection molding machine. Create a flow cycle, enter the vertical injection molding machine after processing, and then additionally heat the incoming hot gas through the heat generated by the melter, another part of the hot gas and 2 types of heating gas pass through the vertical injection molding machine, and the air volume in the vertical injection molding machine can be controlled by the volume its air. 

Temperature to ensure that the vertical injection molding machine matches the actual set temperature. When the temperature in the vertical injection molding machine is lower than the set value, a signal will be sent to increase the speed to increase the volume of exhaust air. Under the action of the drive, the vertical injection machine enters the vertical injection machine, and high temperature air raises the temperature of the vertical injection machine. When the temperature in the vertical injection molding machine is higher than the set temperature, a signal is sent to reduce speed and reduce the volume of exhaust air, thereby reducing the high-temperature gas entering the vertical injection molding machine and reducing the number of vertical injection molding machines.