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Vertical injection molding machine classification

Jun 15, 2018

SZ-Vertical  IMM.jpg1, vertical AC / DC Injection molding machine: This model is designed to connect the line, all kinds of electronics, computer and data lines, such as injection molding injection, precision standard injection less demanding products.

2, C-type injection molding machine: Vertical pinching device, because there is no writing guide horizontal plastic output, using a clamp on English letters "C" the name of the word.

3, disk type vertical injection molding machine, rotary series: vertical rotating disc type injection molding machine can be described as a series of precise two-color printing and insert member optimization molding program, the machine can be designed blow up or down die two low-multifunctional form of complex and frugal manpower benefits embedded vertical and horizontal injection molding machine.

4, vertical and horizontal injection molding machine for plastics can and should use a large number of modes of plastic pouch structure software vertical insert hardware, because the vertical structure is easy to put the inserts, plastic injection, at the peak of construction, the need for market legislation in combination with lying product configuration.

5, single-skateboard vertical injection molding machine, double skateboard injection molding machine: The machine is mainly for engineering plastics, the product has strict requirements for accuracy, precision, or with little injection molding inserts, mold insert also optimized One of the printing solutions.