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Used in the mold industry preferred all-electric injection molding machine

Jun 18, 2020

Now there is a lot of mold industry both domestically and abroad. China is now more and more heavy industry in the mold industry. In recent years, there have been more and more factories in the mold industry, and the market demand is getting faster and faster. Well, the all-electric injection molding machine is the first choice of machinery in the mold industry!


Commonly used mold machinery has increased, so will all electric injection molding machine manufacturers!


Why is the most suitable machine in the mold industry an all-electric injection molding machine? Because all-electric injection molding machines are widely used, but the most professional ones are still used in the mold industry! The energy-saving injection molding machine, rapid prototyping machine, plastic molding machine, high-speed precision molding machine, large two-plate injection molding machine, these machines are generally not used by all-electric injection molding machines!


However, the most widely used in the market is not an all-electric injection molding machine, but a vertical injection molding machine. However, because the development of the all-electric injection molding machine is more and more in line with the needs of many mold industries, so the current all-electric injection molding machine is also More and more widely used!


Perhaps in the next ten years, all-electric injection opportunities will be the first choice in the mold industry!