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Upgrade injection molding technology to change the living conditions of injection molding machine companies

Aug 20, 2020

New injection molding technology changes the living conditions of injection molding machine companies

  Since the beginning of this year, in the machinery industry, the development of science and technology has been changing very fast. Many injection molding machine companies do not pay attention to R&D and innovation, resulting in the failure to produce their core mechanical products in the market competition, which has become the main reason for the slow growth. However, if these manufacturers want to change their existing living conditions, they can only change the future by researching and developing new injection molding technologies. Otherwise, they can only wait to die and watch the rapid development of companies with their own new injection technologies.

Injection molding machine technology

  At the new China International Plastics, Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition, as an annual event in the rubber industry, many injection molding machine companies attach great importance to them, and can bring their core research results to the exhibition to attract customers. Pay attention to the successful signing of some new injection molding machine customers. The new research result that Dequn Machinery has shown is a vertical injection molding machine with a servo energy-saving system. It is different from other energy-saving systems, but does not increase the cost. After it was launched, it greatly reduced energy consumption. Once launched, it attracted a large number of customers. They all praised the products of Dequn Machinery. Some customers even had to sign contracts on the spot. This is a typical change through research and development of injection molding technology. Examples of differentiation in the history of corporate survival.