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The role of auxiliary machine

Aug 21, 2017

The role of auxiliary machine

Auxiliary machine no.1 of Injection molding machine: grinder. Crusher, also known as crusher, used to crush the cold runner material and waste plastic products. The crushed plastic granular can be recycled into the production of plastic products.

Auxiliary machine no.2 of Injection molding machine: dryer.  Some plastics in the storage period can easily absorb the water in the air, so that the moisture content of raw materials increased. If more moisture content of raw materials , the injection of parts will have bubbles or markings and other apparent quality problems, more serious will reduce the performance of products. Therefore, use a dryer to dry the plastic raw materials.

Auxiliary machine no.3 of Injection molding machine: mixer. Raw material mixer during the injection machine production, mainly for the injection machine to prepare raw materials. The injection molding products with raw materials according to the requirements of the preparation of the various materials by the volume of the mixed room after mixing evenly

Machine no.4 of Injection molding machine auxiliary: auto loader. Feed raw material to the hopper dryer on injection molding machine, can be used vacuum feeding device or spring feeding device.

Auxiliary machine no.5 of Injection molding machine: temperature controller. Injection molding machine production need to control the processing temperature parts. There are heating system and cooling system