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The rapid development of China's injection molding machine

Dec 11, 2020

Driven by the rapid development of my country's macro economy, the plastic pipe industry related to China's injection molding machines has developed rapidly in recent years. Plastic pipes are becoming more and more popular for their environmental protection and safety in daily life and industrial applications, and they play an important and irreplaceable role. 

                             INJECTION MACHINERY


Especially in the construction industry, plastic pipes can not only replace steel, wood, and traditional building materials in large quantities, but also have the advantages of energy saving, material saving, ecological protection, improvement of the living environment, improvement of building functions and quality, reduction of building weight, and convenient completion. It is widely used in the fields of building water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, and gas pipes. 

The growth rate of plastic pipes is about 4 times the average growth rate of pipes, which is much higher than the growth rate of the national economy of various countries. Replacing cast iron pipes and galvanized steel pipes with environmentally friendly green plastic pipes has become the trend of development in the new century.