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The main features of the rubber injection molding machine

Jun 26, 2019

The main features of the rubber injection molding machine:

1. The injection molding method simplifies the production and processing process; realizes rapid and uniform vulcanization of rubber products, and shortens the production cycle;

2. The product has accurate dimensions, stable physical and mechanical properties and high quality, and is particularly suitable for forming vulcanization of thick-walled products;

3. Improve production efficiency, high pass rate; less burrs on the product, no need to trim; less loss, save rubber;

4. The operation is simple, the labor intensity is reduced, the service life of the mold is improved, and the degree of mechanization and automation is high;

                              rubber injection molding machine

   The rubber injection molding machine and its mold mechanism are complex, large investment, high maintenance and maintenance requirements, and are widely used in the production of various large quantities of rubber products.

    At present, there are many types of rubber injection molding machines on the market. According to the configuration of machine parts, there are horizontal, vertical, angle, multi-station injection machines and so on.

    The external characteristics of the rubber injection molding machine are similar to those of the injection molding machine. They are mainly used in automatic blowing molds and silicone products that are easy to release, such as nipples. Since the mainframe structure of such an injection machine is a lateral mold opening method, it is impossible to realize the functions of mold shifting, top mold, and the like, and it is impossible to use a multi-layer complicated mold. There are fewer applications.

    The external features of the vertical rubber injection molding machine are mainly that the injection cylinder and the storage cylinder are placed on the top of the upper base, and are directly injected from the top to the bottom. The mainframe structure is open and closed, which is widely used in the production of various rubber products.