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The importance of daily maintenance of full electric injection molding machines

Aug 21, 2019

The all-electric injection molding machine is the most widely used injection molding machine. Its automation and intelligence mark the progress of production. Compared to other products, the price is also very high, so routine maintenance work is very important for all manufacturers. They are here to teach you how to proceed.

All-electric injection molding machine

1, all-electric injection molding machine power distribution, electrical equipment must be stable, grounding measures must be carried out correctly, daily inspection of electrical equipment must be carried out in a timely manner, the risk is to eliminate energy security in a timely manner.

2. All-electric injection molding machine will generate a certain amount of heat for a long time. The viscosity of the internal oil will decrease and the loss will increase. Therefore, cooling must be performed in time to avoid excessive friction, resulting in loss and shortened machine life.

3. All-electric injection molding machine can work continuously for several days, but the parts must be fully inspected and replaced in time to avoid small leakage.