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The development trend of Shenzhou injection molding machine mold enterprises

Aug 21, 2020

At present, China’s injection molding machine industry has achieved certain achievements after so many years of development. Jiangsu is a major province of mechanical molds and has a major position in the national mold industry. However, Jiangsu injection molding machine mold industry still exists There are many problems. If you want to improve the competitiveness of the entire industry, you must first solve these problems, otherwise it is a fantasy. And these problems are the unreasonable structure of the entire mold industry, the industry is scattered, and the technology is not high enough to produce low-end products. Mainly injection molding machines, lack of investment in research and development, innovation. There is still a long way to go if you want to become a world-class manufacturing base.

  If we don’t change it, we will encounter development bottlenecks over time, and market share will slowly be robbed of other provinces. Now, especially the heavy industry bases in the north, the development speed is very fast. In the manufacturing of injection molding machine molds, whether it is Manufacturing technology and manufacturing talents are very good.

  In the future, the development trend of Jiangsu injection molding machine mold industry has become more and more clear, that is, through reforms again, to break the various unreasonable management factors of China's mold industry, introduce advanced management methods, and introduce advanced management personnel to train Management talents will gradually eradicate management ills in China's foundry industry and enhance international competitiveness.