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Specific classification of mold

Aug 23, 2018

     There are many types of molds that can be divided into: 1 metal mold processing to the processing plant and processing technology. 2 Processing of non-metallic and metallurgical mold mildew. Include plastics ( two-color molds, compression molding and extrusion molding, etc.), rubber-molded powder metallurgy, and the like. According to structural characteristics, the mold can further be divided into a straight drill and a space cavity insert. The mold is usually one piece and made in small series.

                  瓶坯模具(PET Preform Mould@2x.png

Depending on the material being formed Hardware molds, plastic molds and their special molds.

The mold is divided into: molding a mold (such as a dimming mold, mold bending, drawing mold, mold flange, shrink mold, roll mold, mold mold, plastic mold, etc.), dies (eg die cutting, disturbing Die Forgiveness, etc.) , Extrusion die, extrusion mold, casting mold, forging die, etc;

Non-metal molds are divided into: plastic molds and inorganic non-metal molds. It molds itself to different materials, the mold can be divided into: sand molds, dies, vacuum mold, die and the like paraffin. Among them, with the rapid development of polymer plastics, plastic molds are closely related to human life. The plastic mold can generally be divided into: injection mold, extrusion molding, gas by pressing and the like.