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Shenzhou Machinery launched the latest vertical injection molding machine model

Sep 18, 2020

After our long-term R&D and innovation, we finally improved the system and researched the technical bottleneck recently, and created the effect of greatly reducing energy consumption at the same cost, and Shenzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. also applied this technology to the latest The manufactured machinery will launch a new model of vertical injection molding machine. Welcome new and old customers to visit and visit. Customers in need, don’t miss this opportunity. Our latest model injection molding machine is limited in quantity. of. If you miss this batch, you will have to wait until the next batch of output to be available.

Energy-saving vertical injection molding machines, what are the functions and features of the latest injection molding machines that can attract customers? First, after our in-depth investigation of the injection molding machine industry, we found that all customers are most concerned about energy conservation, because Injection molding machines consume too much energy to produce plastic products. Energy saving has become the common aspiration of all companies. We have cooperated with universities and researched a most news software system. As long as the software system of Shenzhou Machinery is installed, the injection molding machine can be used. Without increasing the cost, the energy-saving effect is greatly improved. Since this system is installed on the latest vertical injection molding machine model launched by Shenzhou Machinery, each of our customers can visit or test it before knowing good or not.