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Shenzhou Machinery invests a lot of money every year in the development of injection molding machines

Sep 04, 2020

Whenever our customers come to visit our factory, they can see the roaring machines in the large workshop, horizontal machining center, CNC turning center, and workers skillfully operating the buttons. This is Dequn Machinery The scenes that can be seen everywhere in the factory, and not only the workers in the workshop are working hard, but Dequn Machinery also invests a lot of money every year to develop the most advanced injection molding machine.

  Researching the most advanced and most powerful injection molding machine has always been the goal pursued by the people of Dequn. For the long-term sustainable development of the company, after the entire company’s management has made a one-on-one decision, only by manufacturing its own competitive products can it be internationally Competing with developed international, otherwise it will only be the main low-end small injection molding machine. The company always strives for this goal.

  The research and development of the latest energy-saving injection molding machine system is in response to the country’s call for energy-saving consumption. Nowadays, domestic pollution is getting more and more serious. In the machinery industry, injection molding machines are the most energy-consuming machinery, so it is imperative to develop the latest energy-saving systems. Less is the trend of future development. Whoever can study it up-to-date will be able to take the lead in market competition.