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Shenzhou Machinery focuses on the development of new technology for injection molding machines

Aug 19, 2020

Without strong technical capabilities, there is no support point for development. This has become the recognition of the machinery industry. Whether any machinery company wants to develop sustainably and rapidly, owning its own technology is essential, and some small and medium-sized enterprises want to change Existing survival and strong state, research and development of new injection technology is the only choice.

Dequn Machinery Injection Molding Machine

  Dequn Machinery is a professional large-scale physical injection molding machine company integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. It not only has strong financial strength, but also invests 5% of its annual sales for research and development, which is extremely important in the entire industry. Rare, and one of the few injection molding machine manufacturers who dare to invest a lot of money in research and development. Through the continuous research and development efforts of Dequn Robotics, a large number of results have finally been researched. Some have become new technologies for the first vertical injection molding machines, and some are still waiting to see the final results. One of the most famous is the servo energy-saving system, which is also the hottest technology in the market at present, but it is not the first. It has been studied abroad for a long time, but because of the high cost, no injection molding machine manufacturer has attracted this technology. , Because no customer accepts such a precious commodity