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servo save energy injection molding machine

Jan 05, 2019

As energy savings and consumption reductions have increased at the national level, the problem of energy savings in injection molding machines has also been widespread. The energy savings in the area of conventional injection molding machines include two sophisticated methods for converter and servomotor. Servo motors are increasingly accepted.

save power

The energy-saving servo injection molding machine is equipped with a powerful variable speed servo control system. During the molding process of the injection molding machine, a different frequency output for a different pressure flow is generated, and a precise control of the pressure flow is realized to realize a servomotor for injection molding. Fast reaction and optimal adaptation and automatic adjustment of the energy requirement of the machine.

1. Energy-saving devices such as servo controllers and servomotors with excellent performance.

2, sensitive servo control system, the reaction time of the quick start only needs 0.04S.

3. The servomotor and hydraulic system provide a control that significantly improves repeatability over the conventional model.

4. Reduce the impact of the open mold and extend the life of the mechanical parts and molds.

5. Reduce power consumption. Under ideal working conditions, the power saving efficiency of this model can reach 20% to 80% compared to conventional injection molding machines.

In Figure 6, the system heat is much lower than the traditional injection molding machine, saving about 30% of the cooling water and extending the life of oil seals and hydraulic parts.

7. The noise is low when the entire line is driven, which is obviously lower than in the conventional injection molding machine.