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Servo injection molding machine four major maintenance precautions

Feb 27, 2020

Servo injection molding machine production is usually 24 hours a day (shift work), except for reducing orders or holidays, there is usually no downtime. For machines that have been running for a long time, we need to do maintenance work and try to find and solve the problem before the machine fails. Otherwise, if the machine fails, production and maintenance must be stopped, which will seriously affect production and delay delivery. Therefore, maintenance work on the servo injection molding machine is particularly important.

In order to perform maintenance on the injection molding servo, the maintenance content must be classified according to the frequency of possible failures: the daily maintenance includes the highest frequency content, while the injection molding servo frequency is slightly lower. Weekly maintenance. By analogy, monthly and yearly maintenance tasks are classified.

Once the content of maintenance is determined, it is best to appoint a special person to ensure that the designated maintenance work is actually performed according to the calculated regulations. Every time maintenance work is done, the necessary documentation must be done so that the machine can be evaluated based on future work.

For servo injection molding machines, maintenance work is mainly carried out in the following aspects:

Electrical system maintenance

1´╝îWhen inspecting high-voltage components of the machine, do not turn on the main power unless necessary.

b) When changing the mold, it is impossible to let the cooling water flow into the control unit.

vs. Check if the temperature in the control box is too high, which affects the normal operation of the electronic card.

d. When replacing the relay, use the specified voltage relay.

2´╝îMaintenance of hydraulic system

in. The pressure and temperature of the injection molding machine should be maintained between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. If the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, the following problems occur:

b. Reduced pressure oil viscosity can cause damage to the oil pump, oil leaks and pressure drops, and the efficiency of the regulator.

vs. Prevent cooling water from leaking into the oil tank, take extra care to check for water leaks inside the oil cooler. Remove the oil cooler about every 6 months to clean the inside.

d. The injection molding machine should be replaced every 3000 to 4000 hours. When replacing pressurized oil, do not mix old and new oils. At the same time, the oil filter in the cylinder must be tightened and cleaned.

e. The oil valve is blocked due to foreign body blocking the valve body. The valve core must be removed from the oil valve and cleaned with diesel or kerosene (or immersed in oil under clean pressure), and then use compressed air to remove the foreign body. Unless it is determined that the oil valve is blocked by a foreign object and causes the injection molding machine to malfunction, the oil valve should not be removed as needed.

3. Maintenance of fixture

The hinge of the clamping part has a long service life, but each moving part must be properly lubricated, otherwise the hinge will wear and shorten the service life.

b) Keep the four Goring columns clean.

vs. Keep the sliding feet and sliders of the moving fixture clean and lubricated.

d. Avoid using pliers close to or exceeding the working pressure.

e. During mold adjustment, fast clamping speed cannot be provided.

F. Adjust the clamping stroke to the most suitable position to reduce the impact on the machine during clamping.

4.Maintenance of injection molded parts

Keep the ignition rails lubricated and clean.

b. Keep the shooting surface clean and dry.

vs. Do not put anything in the hopper except plastics, pigments and additives. If regrind is used, a magnetic frame must be added to the hopper to prevent metal fragments from entering the furnace.

d. When the melter does not reach the preset temperature, do not start the melter motor and do not use AC power.