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Safety precautions in the screwing and disassembly of injection molding machine

Jun 19, 2019

Because the screw and barrel of some large and medium-sized injection molding machines are heavier, they can reach 2-4Ton, and the cranes of injection molding machine manufacturers may not meet the lifting weight. In this case, the combination of automobile and aerial crane can be used. Lifting of equipment components. Pay special attention to the smoothness of the equipment components during lifting, and the lifting speed should not be too fast; the objects for lifting need to be reliable and safe. When hoisting, it is necessary to supervise and coordinate the moving speed of the hoist by a special person to ensure the smooth lifting of the components of the equipment. Lifting items such as wire ropes, lifting rings, etc. cannot be slid with the suspended parts, and the connection must be reliable and safe. Operators and other field personnel cannot stand under the suspended objects and cranes and prevent accidents.