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Safe operation procedures for fast food box high speed machine

Nov 21, 2019

Safety operation procedure

1. To create a safe, efficient and healthy working environment, strict and standardized operation of injection molding machines, special provisions are as follows:

2. Before the new worker is employed, he must understand the safety knowledge and the inspection methods and uses of the safety devices to the foreman and the team leader.

3. Each operator must concentrate on the operation of the injection molding machine. It is strictly forbidden to talk or laugh with others or do things that are not related to work.

4. It is strictly forbidden for unskilled operators to operate the injection molding machine for others. It should be operated after being trained.

5. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to adjust the operating parameters and time parameters of the injection molding machine privately. When picking up the goods, the hand should be fast and fast, and it is strictly prohibited to violate the regulations.

After opening, the security door picks up the goods or bypasses the security door to pick up the goods.

6. When burning the product sticking mold, the motor should be turned off, and the operator should not use the clips, irons and other objects to knock the mold.

7. When operating the injection molding machine, the operator should immediately notify the foreman or team leader and quality inspector to deal with the following situations: 1 machine

Abnormal noise, abnormal mold; 2 product quality problems; 3 water leakage, leakage, oil leakage.

8. When operating the injection molding machine, the operator should immediately press the shutdown and stop the machine and notify the foreman and the team leader.

Reason: 1 safety device failure; 2 leakage, tubing burst; 3 mold loose.

9. When the mold is opened, it is strictly forbidden to move the shooting table to the mouth, so as to avoid the pressure of the shooting table being too large and the front mold is removed.