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Review the development and development trend of injection molding machines

Sep 10, 2019

Let's review the development of global injection molding machines. In 2001, the total export volume of injection molding machines in the world is 15.46 billion US dollars. In terms of the global market structure, the continuous development of the global construction market will drive the extrusion of plastic pipes and siding. Demand, which in turn drives demand for extrusion equipment. Therefore, the global demand for extrusion equipment is expected to exceed that of other types of press products.


     According to a survey by the US Industrial Market Research Corporation, demand for plastic machinery in the United States and Japan will re-emerge in signs of recovery, and demand in Western Europe will accelerate in 2019. The sales prospects of plastic machinery in China, India and Russia are promising. In Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions, the demand for plastic machinery will also gradually increase. Therefore, in the future Chinese market, plastic machines will gradually move toward the construction market.