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Professional R&D, manufacturing and production of injection molding machine manufacturers

Aug 20, 2020

In the domestic machinery industry, Jiangsu, as a major machinery province, produces countless kinds of machinery and machinery every day. It occupies a large market share in the country and is an indispensable important market. The machinery industry integrates import and export. province.

 Shenzhou Machinery is a large-scale injection molding machine manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, production, innovation and sales. With "quality first, customer first" as its business philosophy, it provides customers with timely, comprehensive, high-quality and efficient services. Adhere to the high-quality, low-cost business strategy, from production to after-sales service, a complete set of high-quality and efficient operation system has been formed. Make the company develop and grow continuously in the fierce market competition.

   Founded in 1999, Shenzhou Machinery is one of the earliest domestic manufacturers that specialized in manufacturing injection molding machines. The company has a large number of senior technicians, accumulated decades of strong technical strength, advanced quality inspection equipment, and its manufacturing injection molding machines. , Vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine are highly praised by customers in the market.

  The company invests a large amount of capital into research and development every year. It is currently one of the few domestic manufacturers focusing on R&D and innovation. In the future, the company will mass-produce injection molding machines with energy-saving systems to meet the development needs of the market.