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Procedure maintenance of mold (2)

Aug 09, 2018

Third, when using the mold, it is necessary to maintain the normal temperature and work at normal temperature to extend the useful life of the mold.

Fourth, the sliding element on the mold, such as a guide post, back of the needle, the plunger, the core and the like, which must be observed at any time, a check of the timing, scrubbing and grease timely filling, particularly at high summer temperatures, plus a minimum of two classes Secondary oil to ensure that these sliders are flexible and avoid tight seizures.

Fifth, before each restraint, must take into account, if the clean cavity, absolutely not allowed to leave residual products, or any other foreign material, prohibited the use of hard tools to clean, to avoid surface bruising of the cavity.

Sixth, there are special requirements the mold surface of the cavity, the surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.2 cm, you should not rub your hand silk or cotton, the application of compressed air, moistened with alcohol or with advanced and advanced cotton napkins gently rub clean

seventh ,surface of the cavity VII should be cleaned regularly, the injection mold during the molding process tends to decompose under molecular compounds corrosion of the mold cavity, so that the bright surface of the cavity is reduced gradually darken the quality of the product, It is necessary to clean regularly, The exfoliant can be dried in time after scrubbing with alcohol or ketone.

Eighth, let the operation be temporarily closed, if the mold is closed, to avoid cavities and exposed cores, to avoid accidental injury, it is expected that the downtime more than 24 hours, anti-rust oil to spray in the cavity, the surface of the core or release agents of the mold, especially in wet areas and the rainy season, and then a short period of time have to do antioxidant treatment.