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Precautions when installing the cylinder of a precision injection molding machine

Mar 03, 2020

The oil cylinder of a precision precision injection molding machine must be installed reliably and reliably in accordance with the technical requirements without any loosening. When installing a piston cylinder, do the following:

1. Before installing a high-speed precision injection molding machine, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of the shaft end, hole, etc. machining, Chamfer and deburr, and then clean and blow dry with kerosene or gasoline.

2. The mounting surface of the high-speed precision injection molding machine and the sliding surface of the piston must maintain a certain degree of parallelism and perpendicularity.

3. The center line of the cylinder of the high speed precision injection molding machine should be concentric with the line of action of the load force to avoid the occurrence of normal force. Otherwise, the seal housing or piston wears out easily.

4. The end hole for the pin of the piston rod should be in the same direction as the hole for the pin (or pin) of the earring, otherwise the oil cylinder will experience a bending load with the pin as a fulcrum, causing wear and grip,

5. In the case of a long stroke and high ambient temperature, the oil cylinder can be fixed only at one end, and the other end can be freely extended to prevent thermal expansion and deformation of the cylinder.

6. For long stroke cylinders, support should be provided in the middle of the cylinder block and piston rod to prevent downward bending due to its own weight.