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plastic Mould maintenance (4)

Aug 10, 2018

14 . When the mold completes the production quantity of the product, when replacing other molds, the mold cavity should be coated with anti-rust agent, the attachment of the mold should be sent to the mold maintenance staff, and the final mold can be used to produce qualified products. The samples are sent to the maintenance staff together. In addition, you should also send a mold use list, fill in the machine on which the mold is, how many products are produced from a certain day of the year, and whether the mold is good now. If there is a problem with the mold, it is necessary to fill in the mold on the use sheet, propose specific requirements for modification and improvement, and submit a sample of untreated sample to the custodian, and leave it to the mold for repair.

15 , a mold library should be set up, special personnel should be set up, and mold files should be established. If possible, computer management should be carried out on the molds. The mold library should choose a place with low moisture and ventilation. The temperature should be kept below 70%. If the humidity exceeds 70%, the mold will be easy to rust. The mold should be stored on the shelf, pay attention to anti-corrosion and dustproof. Mark the signs that need to be repaired or repaired and maintained.