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plastic Mould maintenance (3)

Aug 10, 2018

9. After the temporary shutdown, turn on the machine. After opening the mold, check whether the slider limit is moved. If no abnormality is found, the mold can be closed. In short, be careful before starting the machine, don't be careless.

10. In order to extend the service life of the cooling channel, the compressed water should be used to remove the water in the cooling channel immediately after the mold is deactivated. Use a small amount of oil to put into the mouth of the nozzle, and then blow it with compressed air to make all the cooling pipes have a layer. Anti-rust oil layer.

11. Carefully check the working status of each control component during work to prevent abnormalities in the auxiliary system, heating, and maintenance of the control system is especially important for hot runner molds. At the end of each production cycle, rod heaters, band heaters, and thermocouples should be measured with the mother-in-law and compared with the technical description of the mold to ensure that the function is intact. At the same time, the control loop may be tested by an ammeter mounted in the loop. The oil in the hydraulic cylinder for core pulling is drained as much as possible, and the nozzle is sealed to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out or polluting the surrounding environment during storage and transportation.

12. If you hear abnormal sounds or other abnormalities in the production during production, you should immediately stop the inspection. The mold maintenance personnel shall conduct a patrol inspection on the normal running molds in the workshop, and when there are abnormal phenomena, they shall be dealt with in time.

13. When the operator is in the handover class, in addition to handing over the production, the process is critical to the critical record, and the use of the mold must be detailed.