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Plastic Mould

May 26, 2017

including compression molding and pressure injection molding two types of structural mold. They are mainly used for molding thermosetting plastic mold, the corresponding equipment is pressure molding machine. Compression molding method According to the plastic characteristic, the mold heats up to the molding temperature (generally at 103 ° 108 °), then will be a good measurement of plastic powder into the mold cavity and feeding room, closed mold, plastic in high temperature, high-pressure action under the softened viscous flow, after a certain period of time curing stereotypes, become the desired product shape. Pressure injection molding and compression molding is a separate feeding room, molding before the die first closed, plastic in the feeding room to complete preheating in the viscous flow, under pressure to adjust the squeeze into the mold cavity, hardening forming. Compression molds are also used to shape some special thermoplastic plastics such as hard melt thermoplastic (such as poly-vinyl fluoride) blank (cold pressure molding), high optical properties of the resin lens, slightly foaming nitrocellulose car steering wheel. The molding die mainly consists of cavity, feeding cavity, guiding mechanism, launching parts, heating system and so on. Pressure injection mold is widely used in packaging electrical components. Plastic mold manufacturing materials and injection molds are basically the same.