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Oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine is the future of enterprise development

Jun 25, 2020

Since the industrial revolution thought that the industry has developed to the present, countless machinery manufacturers have been established and countless products have been produced, which not only changed our lives, but also changed the world. Compared with global industry, China's industry is regarded as It started relatively late, but it has the fastest development speed in the world. In just a few decades, it has become a big industrial country and has achieved the praise of the world's factories.


    When it comes to industry, it is inseparable from machinery, and the plastics industry is also the most important part of machinery. It was not until the 1980s that through the research and manufacture of the hybrid injection molding machine used to produce plastic products, did this industry explode and quickly become The products that are indispensable in our lives can be manufactured through the hybrid electric injection molding machine. Most of the plastic products we often use are produced through the hybrid electric injection molding machine, and in the future, it will continue to grow substantially. An industry.


    Recalling the past and paying attention to the future, Zhenhua Hybrid Electric Injection Molding Machine Co., Ltd. is in the current big environment. The past must not be backwards. Only focusing on the future development is the way out of Zhenhua Machinery. After the market investigation, it is found that the demand for hybrid injection molding machines in the market is increasing now, so it is the future development of the company to manufacture and produce hybrid injection molding machines in the future.