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Nursing principle of hybrid electric injection molding machine

Aug 20, 2019

 For the hybrid electric injection press, the pre-protection work mainly includes the following points:

Firstly, the pre-care work is to perform the treatments in advance, or, when the problem does not occur, there is a targeted cure, the reduction of downtime is one of these, which is taken into consideration for maintain stable performance of the equipment's performance. Conservation measures.

Secondly, the oil-electric hybrid injection molding equipment in long-term operation, due to the need for operation will inevitably bring a natural loss to its devices or parts, in order to avoid this part of the natural loss to develop problems more serious The operator must overhaul it in time and replace it with a new one.

Third, in addition to the pre-protection of the equipment itself, the operator can also improve the maintenance effect through the use of related accessories, including the use of lubricants and the adjustment of the working environment.