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Manufacturing technology of integrated horizontal injection molding machine

Jun 18, 2020

After decades of manufacturing development in China, the industrial manufacturing field is no longer the production mode of incoming materials processing. More and more manufacturers have achieved qualitative changes through transformation, especially in the field of mechanical injection molding machines. , From the previous purchase of foreign horizontal injection molding machines to their own manufacturing, and now through R & D, innovation, production of their own integrated horizontal injection molding machine, through three-step leapfrog development, its injection molding machine manufacturing technology Has reached the first-class level of advanced countries.


    In fact, the integrated plastic manufacturing technology refers to putting the previously prepared material in the mold and then injecting plastic resin. After the molten material waits for solidification, this molding method is called an integrated product, especially using the insulation and metal of the resin The combination of electrical properties, the molded products can meet the basic functions of electrical products. For rigid molded products and curved elastic molded products on rubber gaskets, after the injection molding on the base is made into an integrated product, the complicated operation of arranging the sealing ring can be omitted, and the automated combination of the subsequent processes is easier.


    Although China's injection molding machine manufacturers have finally accumulated a wealth of manufacturing plastics manufacturing technology through their own efforts, they still need to learn from foreign advanced companies, and through continuous learning and exchanges, they can also achieve world-class management in terms of management. At that time, our horizontal injection molding machine was not far from abroad.