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Manufacturing energy-saving vertical injection molding machine

Aug 24, 2020

In China’s machinery industry, the largest energy consumption is the manufacture of injection molding machines, which can be said to account for one-third of the total consumption of the entire machinery industry. This brings great challenges to the environmental protection and energy of a city, and neither Conducive to the development of the entire industry in the future, only energy saving is the king of the future development of the injection molding machine industry.

Manufacturing vertical injection molding machines

  Energy saving does not mean improving at the expense of mechanical quality and performance, but an improved method to ensure product quality and injection molding machine performance. This is a useful energy-saving method that can be developed and developed through us. After several years of hard work, Dequn Machinery has finally developed a new energy-saving system, which greatly reduces energy consumption, and is welcomed by the majority of plastic companies, who come to inquire and order.

  The Dongguan Municipal Government of Dongguan, Guangdong has also introduced a positive policy for energy-saving subsidies for injection molding machines. It is conceivable that the energy consumption of injection molding machines has affected the environment of a city. This is also the first special subsidy for the manufacture of injection molding machines in China. The company’s city also shows that the city attaches great importance to environmental protection and does not hesitate to spend a lot of money to control environmental pollution.

  In the future, the injection molding machine industry will inevitably be inseparable from environmental pollution. Only reducing energy consumption and protecting the development of the environment will be the king of the future development of injection molding machines.