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Manufacture more advanced high-speed precision injection molding machine through technological innovation

Jun 23, 2020

In China's machinery industry, plastic machinery is arguably the most important type of machinery. There is no other reason. A large number of plastic products need to be produced, processed, and manufactured by plastic machinery. In the past, the machinery and equipment we produced were all passed Purchased by means of foreign imports, or set up a Sino-foreign joint venture to introduce machinery and equipment through technology, but through so many years of development, many production enterprises in China have long been able to independently manufacture all vertical machinery.


    The high-speed precision injection molding machine is also the production machine with the highest utilization rate in the plastics machinery industry. China's injection molding machine manufacturers have been able to produce more models through continuous technological innovation, such as: high-speed precision injection molding machine, vertical injection molding Machines, horizontal injection molding machines, etc., can produce more advanced high-speed precision injection molding machines, and all of this is through transformation, from once imported, to independent research and development, to technological innovation, and finally reached the international level in the field of technological innovation. First-class level.


    High-speed precision injection molding machine manufacturers continue to make more advanced high-speed precision injection molding machines and other mechanical products through their own efforts. Powerful production companies have entered the field of international competition and have received good results. Many vertical Injection molding machines can be exported to developed countries, such as the United States, Europe, Africa and other countries, and have received good results.