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Main characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine

Jun 10, 2020

Mobile three-cylinder balanced vertical injection structure, more stable injection force, lower equipment height; free hanging injection device, automatic plunger alignment and barrel alignment, reduced wear, only horizontal injection disassembly Machine, adhering to the European machine design concept, using the advanced "first-in first-out" injection method, and using the fixed-cylinder three-cylinder balanced injection that conforms to the development direction of the rubber machine, precision, stability and safety, is the best choice for molding precision rubber products .


The best self-cleaning function of the plastic material, the injection cylinder is fixed during injection, the natural back pressure is low, the shot stage is lifted, the injection is large, and the closed-loop control ratio is digital. Silicone rubber special plasticization, injection unit has the best exhausting, conveying, plasticizing and other functions. The plasticizing screw fully open feeding device, the material shortage pre-alarm function, the two-handed operation of the high-efficiency and low-energy hydraulic system. The advanced Siemens control system International famous brand electrical and hydraulic components.

Main characteristics of horizontal injection:

     1. LSR materials are suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment. The insulation properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the materials will remain unchanged up to 200℃ or as low as -40℃.

     2. Anti-gasification and aging, so it is suitable for outdoor applications.

     3. Excellent insulation, suitable for high-quality or high-tech electronic plugs.

     4. Sterilizable, suitable for medical supplies and baby supplies.

     5. Oil resistance, can be used in oil and mining industry.