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Introduction of six operation functions of hybrid injection molding machine

Dec 16, 2019

Introduction of six operation functions of hybrid injection molding machine

1. Before the hybrid electric injection molding machine is heated to start production, open the cooling water valve and observe whether the water channel is unobstructed.

2. Close the power switch on the side of the control box, connect the power supply inside the machine, and press the motor start button on the panel to start the oil pump motor.

3. For the first use and the long-term unused hybrid injection molding machine, after the oil pump is started, it must be run for a few minutes before it can be operated.

4. Turn on the barrel heating switch of the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine, turn on the electric heating power, adjust the thermostat and temperature controller on the door of the box, set the temperature, and observe the current of the ammeter to determine the quality of the electric heating coil.

5. The test run of the oil-electricity hybrid injection molding machine should be carried out from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic. At the same time, check whether the important fastening bolts are loose.

Stop anomalies immediately when found. After confirming normality or troubleshooting, test run again.

6. When the processing is stopped or the material is changed, the barrel cleaning should be performed. The cleaning work should be performed under the condition that the barrel is heated. After the cleaning is completed, the heating switch should be turned off immediately. The cleaning work is particularly important for the processing of easily decomposed plastics.