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Knowledge about energy saving technology of injection molding of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Mar 17, 2020

Energy saving and environmental protection are the constant development goals of the high-speed precision injection molding machine industry. The following high-speed precision injection molding machine will briefly introduce the energy-saving technology of high-speed precision injection molding machine injection molding.

    Frequency conversion energy-saving technology is only applied to injection molding of products with a long holding time. Only when it is used in high-speed molding, due to its relatively slow reaction speed, it can not only meet the requirements of injection molding, but also cannot show energy saving. characteristic.


    Some time ago, when the frequency conversion technology was on the rise, some colleagues promoted the frequency conversion technology as a versatile energy-saving technology for injection molding machines. Practice has proved that things are not as expected.


    Miniature precision injection requires the injection mechanism to have precise positions for plasticization and metering. Hydraulic actuators are weak due to the rigidity of the hydraulic oil medium and are easily affected by temperature and leakage. It is difficult to achieve precise repeat position accuracy.


    Therefore, even the best hydraulic drive technology cannot be applied to micro-precision injection molding. The energy-saving all-electronic drive and actuator have high rigidity and precise repeat position accuracy, which provides more space for the development of micro-precision injection molding. Contact us if you need to buy a robot gripper accessory.