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Installation precautions of solenoid valve for servo injection molding machine

Mar 07, 2020

There are many types of valve components such as tube type, plate type, superimposed type and embedded type. The types are different, and the installation methods and requirements are also not required.

The superposition integration is to make the valve body into a standard size to help the rectangle. When in use, the components used are stacked on the seat plate, and then tightened with a tie rod. Its characteristics are that the connecting pipeline between the valve is basically eliminated Therefore, the composed system is more simple, centralized, compact, and the system is assembled flexibly, which is convenient for oil circuit improvement. (Tube and plate valves are now used less frequently.)

Installation method and requirements of hydraulic components of servo injection molding machine:

 It is explained in detail in the servo injection molding machine product manual. The components have passed the quality inspection and performance test at the factory, and the oil ports are sealed with plastic plugs. A certain number of enclosed spare parts are shipped in plastic bags. Before use, check that the certificate of conformity, instructions for use, and spare parts are complete, and check for poor packaging, damage, or foreign matter, and whether the oil port is open. It is best to clean it once with kerosene before installation. Attention should also be paid to the installation: do not connect the ports incorrectly (in general, the ports of each component are marked with text or code); when installing a motorized control valve pair, be sure to pay attention to the stroke of the cam or block and the distance from the valve to avoid Crashed during the test run; when installing the connecting elements with flanges, the connection screws should be properly tightened, and overtightening will cause poor sealing; some nets have holes for easy manufacturing and installation. After installation, useless people should be blocked. Dead; after installation, the spare seals of various components should be kept in good condition for replacement during maintenance.

When installing the hydraulic valve of the servo injection molding machine, the following points must be paid attention to:

(1) Before installation, the unsealed hydraulic valve shall be carefully checked for the certificate of conformity and the review manual, and the pressure and tightness of the seal shall be checked if necessary.

(2) Find out the orientation of the oil inlet and oil return of the valve.

(3) When there is no special requirement for the installation position of the valve, it should be installed in a position convenient for use and maintenance. Directional control installation should be kept horizontal.

(4) For flange-mounted valves, do not overtighten the screws to avoid poor sealing.

(5) Some valve parts have holes for easy manufacture and installation. Useless holes should be blocked after installation.

(6) Some valves cannot be purchased when they are installed. It is allowed to substitute hydraulic valves with a flow rate exceeding 40% of the rated flow rate.