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Injection molding machine color masterbatch common problems

Apr 15, 2019

In the sunlight, there are striped pigment strips in the product.

This problem needs to be considered from two aspects: plastic physical and mechanical properties and plastic molding process:

Plastic physical and mechanical properties:

1. The temperature of the injection molding equipment is not well controlled. After the color master enters the mixing chamber, it cannot be fully mixed with the resin.

2. The injection molding machine does not add a certain back pressure, and the screw mixing effect is not good.

3. The dispersibility of the color masterbatch is not good or the resin is not plasticized.

The process can be debugged as follows:

1. Increase the temperature of the mixing chamber by the drop port portion

2. Apply a certain back pressure to the injection molding machine.

If it is still not good after the above debugging, it may be the dispersibility or matching problem of the color masterbatch and the resin, and should be solved by contacting the masterbatch manufacturer.