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Injection molding machine clamping unit (2)

Jul 17, 2018

fixed template, front template, a plurality of guiding rods penetrating and fixed on the front template and the fixed template, the moving rod is also slidably arranged on the guiding rod, and a mold is installed between the movable template and the fixed template, and is installed on one side of the front template 

The utility model has a power mechanism, a through hole is formed in the front template, a ejector rod is arranged on the through hole, and the ejector rod is connected to the power mechanism, and a plurality of rows of teeth are opened on the outer peripheral surface of the ejector rod, and are installed on the other side of the front stencil 

The utility model has a locking mechanism, the ejector rod passes through the locking mechanism and abuts against the movable template, the locking mechanism can lock the latching teeth, the ejector is sleeved with an oil sac, and the oil sac is installed between the locking mechanism and the front template When the oil bladder is injected with hydraulic oil, the oil bladder can push the locking mechanism to urge the plunger .