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How to quickly disassemble the screw in half an hour

Jun 17, 2019

1 After heating the joint between the screw and the storage cylinder head to a temperature higher than the normal process temperature, the plastic material in the barrel is basically squeezed out, the bolts at the joint are removed, and the heater and wiring are disassembled; The cooling water pipe of the material section, disassemble the automatic feeding device; remove the extruder motor and wiring.

2 Loosen the fastening bolts connected to the feeding section, remove the gearbox coupling and the connecting bolts with the frame of the equipment, and retract the gearbox. The gearbox has a heavier weight. The hydraulic jack can be used to push the gearbox out. After that, it is disengaged from the screw; if the screw and the connecting sleeve are tightly connected, a special screw removal tool can be installed on the other side of the gear box connecting the screw head during the ejection process to push the screw out; After the box connection sleeve is completely disengaged from the screw, the reduction gear box can be lifted off the equipment rack.

How to quickly disassemble the screw in half an hour

3 The drum is smoothly hoisted together with the screw. For the large screw, the lifting of the barrel can be smoothly hoisted by the method of the crane and the workshop. Pay attention to the mutual movement coordination when lifting.

4 Warm up the suspended cylinder and disassemble the relevant connecting parts and screws. At present, most of the blow molding machine manufacturers use replacement parts repair, and the prepared spare screw and barrel can be ready for lifting after the relevant connecting parts are installed.