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How to properly shut down the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine?

Jul 13, 2020

Just before the molding is completed or temporarily stopped, the material in the barrel is completely shot, and then the appropriate amount of cleaning material is added to clean the barrel. Press the heating switch to turn off the barrel heating. Close the hopper shutter. If the oil-electric hybrid injection molding machine is shut down for a short time, do not turn off the electric heating of the cylinder, and reduce the heating temperature by 100 to 150 degrees per stage.


  If the hybrid injection molding machine is equipped with a temperature regulator for nozzle temperature adjustment, turn the regulator button to 0 to disconnect the regulator. This is not only to heat the charging cylinder in the shortest possible time during the next injection operation. Also in order to prevent the melted resin from staying in the barrel, the remaining material in the heating barrel should be completely removed, and then the appropriate amount of cleaning material should be added to clean the barrel, and finally the screw should be stopped at the foremost position. Under the manual state, the mold is closed, and the injection seat and the screw are returned to the stop position. Turn off the oil pump motor and pay attention to the total power supply of the plastic machine.


  If the plastic decomposes or burns in the hybrid injection molding machine, it will eventually change color and make the finished product a waste piece. In this case, the injection molding machine must be completely shut down and sprayed clean. The precautionary method is to spray a heat-sensitive resin with a plastic with high thermal stability so that it can withstand subsequent reheating.


  Before shutting down or changing to another plastic, you must check that the steps taken are correct. The material supplier has printed a booklet with sufficient information, and should read it carefully before operation to understand what is required for each plastic.