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How to maximize the efficiency of hybrid injection molding machines

Dec 06, 2019

The working efficiency of hybrid electric injection molding machines is constantly improving. How can we make the best use of all-electric injection molding machines?

1. Injection cycle. The shortest cycle time is composed of the time required from startup to operation (clamping, injection, holding pressure, cooling, and mold opening), from mold clamping to the next time.


2.High voltage mold clamping


When the clamping force is the lowest, the product will not produce burrs, which can effectively use time and save time. Moreover, the mold, injection molding machine's tie rod, toggle and template will also extend the life due to the low clamping force. If a mold using a 50t clamping force is sufficient, a 51t clamping force is not required, although your injection molding machine has a higher clamping force.



The ejection force of the small injection molding machine is relatively small. Compared with the hydraulic pressure, the ejection speed is higher by using pneumatic. Electric ejection is faster than pneumatic ejection. The mold can be designed to be ejected by the mold opening action, instead of using the ejection device on the injection molding machine, but this method can only be ejected once. This is the simplest method of ejecting while opening the mold. Adopting independent oil, gas or circuit control, it can realize the function of ejecting and ejecting at the same time.


4. Retreat

The vibratory ejection of the injection molding machine allows the product to be ejected multiple times. If you need to shorten the time, you don't need to eject and eject each time. The last ejection can start at the same time as the clamping. Because the stroke of the ejector pin is shorter than that of the template, the ejector pin is always retracted before clamping.


In the process of using the hybrid injection molding machine, pay attention to the above steps to achieve better working efficiency.