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how to maintain injection molding machine

Jul 26, 2019

About 3 years of use and maintenance recommendations for injection molding machines:


1. Inspect and replace the wearing parts. The wearing parts are mainly the sealing components in the hydraulic system and the barrel sleeves in the moving parts, the connecting rod pins, the zinc alloy sleeves, etc., and pay attention to the disassembly and assembly details;

2. Clean the lubrication system and hydraulic system and check if the lubrication system's oil circuit is blocked. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is taken out to check the quality of the oil. If the oil quality is degraded, please replace the new hydraulic oil. Check the mailbox for metal impurities and remove impurities if available.

3. Check the surface of the hydraulic oil pipe for cracks. If there is, please replace it with a new one;

4. Whether the template guide column and the moving parts have abnormal wear conditions;

5. Whether the electrical wiring is damaged or not, whether the corrugated pipe with the line is worn or not, and check whether the voltage of each circuit is normal with the instrument;

6. So far, what are the problems that often occur during the use of the machine?