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How to do the shutdown of the hybrid electric injection molding machine ?

Aug 16, 2019

Immediately before completion of molding or before a temporary stop, the material in the cylinder is sprayed with air and then an appropriate amount of cleaning material is added to clean the cylinder and the heating switch is used to turn off the electric heater of the cylinder. Close the container frame. If the electric hybrid oil casting machine is stopped for a short time, do not turn off the electric heater of the cylinder and lower the heating temperature by 100-150 degrees per section.

If the hybrid electric injection molding machine is equipped with a temperature controller for adjusting the nozzle temperature, turn the knob to position 0 to disconnect the controller. This not only serves to heat the cartridge as fast as possible during the next injection procedure. To prevent molten resin from entering the cylinder, the remaining material in the heating cylinder must be completely removed. Then add a reasonable amount of cleaning material to clean the cylinder. Finally, the screw stops when the front end is in position. In manual mode, the mold closes and the injection seat closes and the screw returns to the stop position. Switch off the oil pump motor and pay attention to the overall performance of the press.

When the plastic decomposes or burns in a hybrid electric injection molding machine, it eventually changes color and turns the finished product into waste. In this case, the injection molding machine must be completely switched off and cleaned. One precaution is to spray the heat sensitive resin with a more heat resistant plastic to withstand later rewarming.

Before switching off the device or switching to another plastic, you must ensure that the steps are correct. The material supplier has printed a booklet with sufficient information and must read it carefully before beginning work to understand what is required for each type of plastic.