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How to distinguish the precision of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Feb 27, 2020

Now, many sellers of injection molding machines on the market have shown how their company's injection molding machines can save energy. These are high-speed precision injection molding machines, but it is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish the accuracy of injection molding machines. The following introduces the accuracy of injection molding machines. How to distinguish between being cheated and buying a true precision injection molding machine at high speed.

The evaluation of the accuracy of the injection molding machine mainly depends on the repeated weight error of the product. -The repeat error of ordinary injection molding machine weight is about 0.95%, the best machine can reach 0.8%, the precision machine is less than 0.5%, less than 0, of which 25% are ultra-precision machines, and the highest internationally reported data is less than 0.15% . Precision injection machine requires the dimensional accuracy of the product is usually between 0.01 and 0.001 mm. Many precision injection molds also require injection molding machines with high injection pressure and injection speed. The clamping system must have sufficient rigidity and clamping accuracy; pressure, flow, temperature, measurement and other parameters can be controlled with corresponding accuracy; use of multi-stage or continuous injection; to ensure the replication conditions of the molding process and product repeatability .

The repeatability of the injection molding product's molding weight reaches stability, including three aspects: the repeatability of the plasticizing amount, the repeatability of the injection amount, and the mold temperature control performance. Many factors affect the accuracy of these high-speed precision injection molding machines. The most important are the overall manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the injection molding machine, the quality of the original components such as the screw of the injection molding machine, electrical and hydraulic equipment, and the quality of the mold.