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How to distinguish the injection molding machine

Aug 07, 2020

Advantages of all-electric injection molding machine

1. High repeatability, injection accuracy up to 0.01mm or less, product component variation 0.1%

2. Low working cost; power saving is up to 84% compared with the same period in hydraulic press, and water saving is up to 95%

3. The servo motor can achieve excellent processing and more stable control (product details)

4. Low noise, no pressure oil pollution, accustomed to the conditions of a clean room (the use of a motor to directly drive the shaft "linear drive", no dust will occur. Other brands use belt drive, there will be noise and the gap force of the belt teeth A small amount of dust pollutes the air dust content)

5. Work faster

Because of the injection speed of the motor; the opening and closing speed of the mold is much faster than that of the oil machine. According to experience: the molding cycle is about 20% faster. There is no need for pressure oil and a small amount of water for maintenance, which saves at least 1/3 of the overall management cost.

Three, the main features and functions of the motor

1. The clamping part

Press base template: Press the base structure to improve the rigidity of the center of the template, and the clamping force is evenly distributed, which can prevent flashing or lack of filling, and extend the service life of the mold.

Clamping force automatic correction function: It can control the change of clamping force induced by thermal expansion and contraction of mold or thickness difference. It can promote the stability of the forming quality, excellent exhaust, and shorten the mold installation time.

Mold maintenance function: With the characteristics of the real connection driving method and the newly developed mold maintenance function, the sensor is more sensitive. Under the same closing speed, the damage rate of the molded product is less than 1/10 of the previous model. And when the mold is closed at high speed, high-sensitivity detection can also be used to complete the high maintenance function that the previous models could not achieve.

2. Injection part

The injection motor, the sol motor and the direct drive method of the screw can be used to complete the low inertia and high response function, so that the azimuth pressure is more accurate at high speed and high pressure and low speed and low pressure. It is especially useful for forming thin-walled products, products using high-viscosity plastics, and elongated products.

There are functions such as injection SK Ⅱ function, injection holding pressure 10 types, instantaneous speed function and new metering function.

The screw and barrel are made by the company's own settings, which will be more suitable and equipped with its own injection molding machine; the material tube adopts a fully concealed two-layer heating material tube cover, which can maintain the temperature, avoid energy loss, and save energy. The barrel cover promotes further reduction of power consumption.

The gate valve-type automatic control gate is selected for the discharge port water ring, which can accurately control the temperature of the discharge port.

3. Computer part

Choose 12.1 inch N9 computer control, easy to use, faster response, rich content (function); the host can store 200 sets of forming conditions, with direct access to the USB interface, and other memories of forming conditions can be added. There are USB connection loop, printer connection loop, computer connection loop, waveform analog output loop (special device)