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How to correctly distinguish and choose vertical injection molding machine ?

Jun 09, 2020

Generally, the vertical equipment that uses plastic molds to make various shapes of plastic products will be called vertical injection molding machine. According to the different characteristics between them, we can divide them into skateboard injection molding machine, disc injection molding machine and other categories.


    As far as these two vertical injection molding machines are concerned, the skateboard injection molding machine has the functions of fixing the upper mold and sliding the lower mold. The double slide plate type has an upper mold and a lower mold, and the two molds are alternately operated, which is more suitable for inserting or removing precision hardware. The disc injection molding machine can be designed with an upper mold, a lower mold or multiple lower molds. Compared with the former, it is more suitable for complex embedding. After determining the characteristics of different injection molding machines, what reference factors can help us choose this equipment?


    First of all, the injection quantity of the product can be considered. This is because different plastics have different structural density ratios, so it is necessary to choose a product with a net weight water inlet that is not more than 80% and not less than 20% of the most effective injection volume of the injection molding machine as a suitable model. Second, the modulus of the product can be considered. This is mainly to select the specific specifications suitable for the factory product molds.


    Through the above analysis of the two points of vertical injection molding machine product classification and purchase considerations, I believe everyone has a more detailed understanding of the device. I hope everyone can buy products that suit them.