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How to choose the right chiller size for vertical injection molding machine and horizontal injection molding machine

Mar 03, 2020



Correspondence of the vertical injection machine and the horizontal injection machine at normal ambient temperature, the condensation temperature of the cooling water of a water-cooled chiller is lower than 35 degrees (the condensation temperature of an air-cooled chiller is lower than 43 degrees) (experiment) judgment).

A: The first way:

1 hp water-cooled chiller can be equipped with an 80-ton thermostat with a clamping force at 5-10 degrees;

1 hp water-cooled chiller can be equipped with a 100-ton thermostat with a clamping force at 10-15 degrees;

1 hp water-cooled chiller can be equipped with a 120-ton temperature regulator with a clamping force at 15-20 degrees;

(The correspondence of the air-cooled chiller is 0.8 times greater than that of the water-cooled chiller, i.e. the 1HP air-cooled chiller can be equipped with a clamping force of 64 tons, and the temperature of the injection molding machine is controlled at 5-10 degrees. )

B: The second way:

The 1HP water-cooled chiller can be equipped with an injection machine with one injection volume of 10 QZ to control the temperature at the level of 5-10 degrees.

Amount of injection 1QZ = 28.5 g

The above formula is the result of experience. In addition to the above formula, the seller must check the actual situation and choose the right chiller.

C: coordination of chiller and cooling tower,

According to the past, a 1 hp chiller a 1.2-ton cooling tower is required to remove the heat generated by the chiller.

How to choose a chiller size scientifically

In fact, a pair of molds is a heat exchanger. Heat is transferred from the molten plastic to the mold, and then from the mold to the cooling medium with continuous circulation, ice water. Only a small portion of it enters the air and into the mold of the injection molding machine. As we all know, a significant part of the plastic molding cycle is used for cooling, and sometimes it can make up more than 80% of the plastic molding cycle, so it is absolutely necessary to control the cooling time to a minimum. For example, a mold pair pairing cycle usually takes 20 seconds. If the water in the original cooling water cooling tower is replaced with ice water generated by a chiller for cooling, it can be reduced to 16 seconds. Although the initial cost of choosing a chiller is higher, it can increase productivity by 20% and can provide great benefits in long-term production. So how to choose the energy of ice water? From the foregoing, we can know that this is due to the specific heat of the molding material, the temperature during the melt, the mass and the temperature when the product decomposes.