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How to choose the most suitable injection molding machine for you

Apr 24, 2019

How to choose the most suitable injection molding machine for you?

For plastic products, all kinds of novel and unique plastic products on the market are emerging one after another. The diversification of plastic products also means that the requirements for injection molding machines are becoming more diverse. Therefore, when choosing an injection machine, it is necessary to select a suitable plastic molding machine for different injection molding products. We offer the following ways to categorize:

1. Classified according to the plasticizing ability of raw materials.

2. Classified according to the structure of the injection molding machine and the injection molding method.

3. Classified according to the processing capacity of the injection molding machine.

4. Sort by the special use of the injection machine.

Choose the right injection machine for different plastic products. Not only improve product quality but also increase production efficiency, and increase production capacity in the near future, which means that it can create more profits for the enterprise. Therefore, it is important to choose a good plastic molding machine.