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How to check the injection molding machine before use

Mar 14, 2018

1. First, check that the amount of oil in the fuel tank is within the oil standard.

2, then the room heat and oil temperature check. Room temperature should be preheated oil. Indoor high temperature, heat treatment.

3, the final inspection of the pressure gauge, whether the swing is serious, can return to zero and mileage status.

The inspection in use is divided into the following steps

1. The relief valve is set to the minimum pressure at startup.

2. Check and adjust the regulating pressure of the relief valve, whether it is continuously and uniformly lifted, and then adjust to the set pressure after everything is normal.

3 oil pump \ oil shell \ electromagnet check, oil temperature of 20 degrees -50 degrees is normal, the pump shell temperature is 10 degrees -30 degrees higher than room temperature is also normal.

4. Oil leakage inspection.

5. Noise vibration inspection.

6. Pressure gauge inspection.

7. The working status of electrical components, the safety device reliability inspection.

8. Whether the fastening nut screws of the cylinder/cylinder components are loose.

After use is the inspection after shutdown:

1. Inspection of the oil level in the tank

2. Check the hydraulic components

3. The positions of the valve handles should be restored to the places of “pressure relief”, “stop” and “backward”.

4 check the control switch button and the electrical components are loose, the degree of action sensitivity.

5. The column and the oil-bearing bearing are connected to the moving part and filled with lubricating oil.

6. Turn off the power and do a safe job