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How to adjust the clamping force of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Aug 19, 2019

When using high-precision high-speed injection molding machines, you will encounter problems in mounting the clamping force. This is not only related to whether the machine can produce and produce normal products, if it meets the requirements, and more importantly, with the precision of mechanical gripping force. Extend the life of the machine

So how to deliver the clamping force of high precision injection molding machines? This is a specific analysis:

1. Turn off the mold adjustment device, adjust the mold thickness until the open end of the mold is fixed and stop and remove the mold adjustment device.

2, manual operation to open the mold, open the mold to stop, start the mold adjustment device, reduce the thickness of the mold, clamping force, remove the mold adjustment device, slowly mold handle operation Reduction of mold thickness and grip strength of comparative attacks But if the thickness of the mold is reduced too much, the mold will not be able to catch, so the thickness of the mold will gradually decrease.

3. Repeat program execution 2) Above until the clamping force of the machine and the column is at a satisfactory level and the clamping force must not be adjusted too high without the injection molding parts or finished products. With glittering edges during injection This can guarantee the life of the machine.

4. When the clamping program is programmed, the clamp can not be used quickly.

5 In the "low-voltage stop-stop mode lock switch", the stop-stop mode is pressed for a moment. The pressure gauge specifies the operating pressure of the cylinder. Clamp when the mold clamping operation, the time is very short flashing, it does not use blocking elements in the expressway.

6. The working pressure of the flash is generally lower than the actual pressure in the clamp cylinder. Therefore, do not use the maximum operating pressure for prolonged gripping to extend the life of the machine. Typically, the maximum working pressure is up to 80% -85% of the pressure is appropriate due to the maximum pressure at 145 kgf / cm2. Select at 120 kgf / cm2 of the suitable operating pressure.

7. Low clamping force, pressure to meet the sensitivity of the low-pressure clamp when programmed, low-pressure clamping must be set using the numerical values of the low-voltage numerical control 00 of Therefore, the pressure clamping force will be greater than that found during clamping. Resistance at the same time can reach the high pressure clamping action

8. Locking options in normal mode or ultra fast mode need to send the corresponding displacement sensor switch from the beginning so that the opening of the mold and the clamping is smooth.