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How to adjust the clamping force of high-speed precision injection molding machine

Jul 30, 2019

When the high-speed precision injection molding machine is in use, it will encounter the problem of adjusting the clamping force. This is not only related to whether the machine can be produced normally and whether the produced product meets the requirements. More importantly, it can precisely adjust the clamping force of the machine. Lengthen the life of the machine.

    So, how to dispatch the clamping force of high-speed precision injection molding machine? Here is a specific analysis:

    1. Start the mold adjustment device switch, adjust the modulus until the two ends of the mold are fixed on the machine template, and then disconnect the mold adjustment device.

    2, manual operation to open the mold, to the maximum extent of mold opening, initiate mold adjustment equipment, reduce mold thickness, disconnect mold adjustment equipment, slow mold clamping operation. The reduction of mold thickness is proportional to the clamping force, but assume the mold If the thickness is reduced too much, the mold cannot be clamped, so the mold thickness should be reduced in a gradual manner.

    3. Repeat the above 2) scheduling operation until the clamping force of the machine and the guide column is satisfactory, and the clamping force should not be adjusted too high, as long as the injection molding or the finished product does not produce flash on the injection molding. This will ensure the operating life of the machine.

    4. When the clamping force is adjusted, the mold cannot be locked.

    5, in the "low-pressure mode-locking stop switch; is released" clamping mode stroke stop stroke switch is pressed for a while, the pressure gauge will indicate the working pressure value of the clamping cylinder when the mold clamping action, the flashing time is very short, it is not Use the elements of express mode locking.

    6. The working pressure of the flash is usually lower than the actual pressure in the clamping cylinder. Therefore, do not use the highest rated working pressure for clamping operation for a long time to extend the service life of the machine. The highest rated working pressure is usually achieved. 80%-85% of the pressure is appropriate, such as the highest pressure of 145kgf / cm2 selected to 120kgf / cm2 operating pressure is more appropriate.

   7. Dispatching of low-pressure clamping force In order to adhere to the sensitivity of low-pressure clamping, when scheduling low-pressure clamping force, it should be set by the low-pressure clamping numerical control numerical value 00, so that the low-pressure clamping force is slightly higher than that encountered during clamping. Resistance, at the same time, can reach the high pressure clamping action.

   8. Optional normal or extra-fast mode-locking operation, it is necessary to dispatch the relevant travel switch from the beginning to make the mold opening and clamping operation smooth.