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How much do you know about all-electric injection molding machines?

Dec 05, 2019

The so-called all-electric injection molding machine refers to an injection molding machine that uses AC servo motors and is equipped with components such as ball screws, toothed belts, and gears to drive various mechanisms. The most fundamental feature of all injection molding machines is that all drive modules are electric, not Traditional hydraulic type. In other words, there is no hydraulic system and no hydraulic components in the entire equipment. Electric injection molding machines are widely used, ranging from general civilian and industrial supplies such as automobile and motorcycle parts, cosmetics containers, household containers, precision gears and so on.

     All-electric injection molding machine is the main model of electric injection molding machine. Its various mechanisms (injection, plasticization, metering and shifting, etc.) in the injection molding device and various mechanisms of the clamping device (opening and closing, clamping, ejection) Etc.) All are driven by electric motors. Compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine, it has the following advantages.